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War of 1812

5M+ records

Canada, British Regimental Registers of Service, 1756-1878
Registers and other records providing details on soldiers and officers in British military units that served in Canada.
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Canada, Pension Applications for Widows and Family of British Military Officers, 1776-1881
Pension applications submitted by widows, relatives or children for British Military Officers.
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Ireland, Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Pensioners' Discharge Documents, 1704-1924
Pensioners' certificates from the Royal Kilmainham Hospital in Ireland.
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UK, Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages and Burials in UK and Overseas Garrisons, 1813-1957
This collection contains registrations of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, banns, and burials for individuals who served in the British military, including those stationed overseas. This collection is unique in that the original records were recorded by military chaplains. Because of this, the collection combines the level of detail you find in parish records with the uniformity of civil registrations.
UK, Cornwall Militia & Sea Fencibles Index, 1780-1831
This collection contains information on soldiers who were registered for potential service in the Cornwall Militia and the Sea Fencibles in the years 1780 to 1831.
UK, Courts Martial Registers, 1806-1930
Various UK naval and military courts martial registers, including records from Naval, Field General, Military, District and General Courts.
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UK, Household Cavalry Service Records, 1799-1920
UK, Household Cavalry soldiers' service records 1799-1920.
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UK, Military Deserters, 1812-1927
This collection is an index to soldiers of British army regiments who deserted their units from Her/His Majesty’s Service and whose names were published in the UK Police Gazette between 1812 and 1927.
UK, Military Deserters, 1812-1927
Lists of UK deserters from 1812 to 1927.
100% complete
UK, Military Personnel Serving in Fife During Revolutionary War, 1794-1854
There were many different types of auxiliary home defence forces in Britain during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.
UK, Militia Attestation Papers, 1806-1915
UK, Militia Attestation Papers 1806-1915
100% complete
UK, Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Admission and Discharge Records, 1715-1925
Contains registers from the Royal Hospital Chelsea of discharged soldiers.
100% complete
UK, Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Service Records, 1760-1925
This collection comprises service documents of soldiers (but not officers) who either became in- or out-pensioners of the Royal Hospital Chelsea.
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UK, The Army of India Medal Roll, 1799-1826
The Army of India Medal (AIM) was a campaign medal approved in 1851 for issue to officers and men of the British Army and Honourable East India Company.
UK, The Military General Service Medal Roll, 1793-1847
The Military General Service Medal (MGSM) was a campaign medal approved in 1847, for issue to officers and men of the British Army.
UK, The Naval General Service Medal Roll, 1847
The Naval General Service Medal (NGSM) was a campaign medal approved in 1847, for issue to officers and men of the Royal Navy.
UK, British Army Records of Officers' Services, 1764-1932
UK, Records of Officers' Services 1764-1932
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US, Pennsylvania Veterans Card Files, 1775-1916
Carded records of Pennsylvania Military Veterans from 1775-1916
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